The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) may face an investigation into its handling of digital assets, which has been criticized as "haphazard and heavy-handed." Congressman Ritchie Torres has submitted requests to the SEC's Inspector General Deborah Jeffrey and the Government Accountability Office's Comptroller General Gene Dodaro, urging an investigation. Torres highlighted the SEC's alleged "sweetheart deal" with crypto platform Prometheum as a specific concern. In letters shared on his Twitter account, Torres accused the SEC of lacking clarity in applying securities laws to digital assets and relying too heavily on enforcement rather than providing clear rules or guidance. He specifically criticized the SEC's decision to grant a special broker purpose dealer (SPBD) license to Prometheum, a digital assets platform established in 2017 by two American financial attorneys. According to Torres, Prometheum appears to be more of a superficial platform used as a talking point by crypto critics, rather than a genuine trading platform for crypto customers. Torres called for an investigation into both the SEC's failure to establish a functional registration process for digital assets platforms and the alleged irregularities surrounding the Prometheum deal. This recent call for investigation follows prior scrutiny of Prometheum's connections to Chinese investors, with the Blockchain Association and six Republican Congressmen previously urging the SEC to investigate its "ties to the Chinese Communist Party." The article concludes by suggesting that readers collect it as an NFT to preserve this historical moment and show support for independent journalism in the crypto space.