Grimace, the iconic character from McDonald's, is poised to enter the world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), thanks to a partnership with Bandwagon Labs, a crypto company based in Singapore, and the local NFT artist known as The Hidden Walls.

In a recent announcement, McDonald's Singapore and Bandwagon Labs have collaborated to introduce an exclusive collection of 2,000 digital collectibles. These distinctive digital artworks have been crafted by the renowned NFT artist, Hidden Walls.

This strategic collaboration underscores McDonald's Singapore's commitment to delivering immersive experiences for its customers. The renowned fast food chain aims to unveil a special collection that taps into nostalgia-driven memories.

Drina Chee, the Senior Director of Digital Customer Experience at McDonald's Singapore, shared her thoughts on this endeavor:

"We're thrilled to bring Grimace closer to our fans through these distinctive digital collectibles. Grimace holds a special place in the hearts of many of our devoted fans, and this initiative allows us to transform the character from a source of nostalgic memories into a symbol of affection for all generations."

Moreover, the report highlights that the Grimace digital collection will be accessible to all interested individuals. Specifically, the NFTs will become available to the public through a minting process facilitated by the McDonald's Singapore app.

Aspiring collectors are encouraged to navigate to the Grimace Digital Collectible section within the McDonald's Singapore app. Users have the option to link their NFT wallet to the platform using either web3auth or the MetaMask app.

Once a successful connection is established, clicking on the 'Mint Now' button generates the Grimace NFT. These newly minted collectibles will be viewable both within the McDonald's app and on the blockchain.

Interestingly, the report notes that these unique NFTs are not transferable or tradable. Meanwhile, enthusiasts can begin minting the Grimace NFTs starting from Monday, August 21.