Musk began advocating for Dogecoin following requests from Tesla factory employees and SpaceX visitors who suggested incorporating the memecoin as an official payment method. At the Berlin Gigafactory event on March 13, an audience member asked Musk if Tesla could accept DOGE for purchases in the future, to which Musk responded positively, saying, "At some point, I think we should enable that."

This statement from Musk sparked excitement among investors, leading to a sudden surge in Dogecoin's market price, which rose from $0.172 to $0.188. Musk also mentioned that DOGE can still be used to purchase Tesla merchandise and reiterated his support for the cryptocurrency by stating, "Dogecoin to the moon."


Elon Musk announced that Tesla had started accepting Dogecoin payments for merchandise purchases. Source: Elon Musk on X

Musk's endorsement of DOGE originated from requests by Tesla Gigafactory employees and SpaceX visitors, who believed Dogecoin should be recognized as an official payment method. Musk emphasized his support for Dogecoin as "people's crypto," contrasting it with Bitcoin, which he noted is primarily backed by wealthy individuals.

Tesla began accepting Dogecoin payments for merchandise on January 14, 2022, with a clarification that only Dogecoin payments were accepted and other digital assets would not be returned. Additionally, Musk's social media platform, X (formerly Twitter), created an 'XPayments' account, fueling speculation about future cryptocurrency implementations.

While there is anticipation that the X app will introduce in-app payment services by mid-2024, it remains uncertain whether these features will extend beyond traditional fiat currencies or if Musk will fulfill his fans' hopes of integrating Dogecoin into mainstream payment options.