Steady as a Rock: Crypto ATM Giant's Revenue Unshaken by Bitcoin Volatility

Bitcoin Depot asserts that its earnings remain unaffected by Bitcoin's price fluctuations due to the company's practice of maintaining a modest BTC balance. Despite the considerable volatility in c...

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Bitcoin Rebounds Amid Record Low Grayscale ETF Outflows

On April 10, the outflows from the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) were roughly 15 times lower than the average daily outflows observed over the past four months. This marked a significant decrease,...

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Bitcoin Demand Rises Amid 'Unsustainable' Deficit and Inflation: Insights from Grayscale

Grayscale suggests that recent inflation figures might initially pose a challenge for cryptocurrency, yet continuous inflation is likely to create a favorable atmosphere for it. Zach Pandl, Graysca...

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Coinbase Expands Offerings: ORDI and Worldcoin Perpetual Futures to be Listed

Coinbase's institutional arm has revealed plans to introduce perpetual futures contracts for Ordinals and Worldcoin by April 11th.

In an announcement made on April 5th, Coinbase Internation...

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Predicting Bitcoin's Future: Historical Data Points to $435K by 2028 Halving

Bybit's Hao Yang suggests that although Bitcoin's halving traditionally triggers bull cycles, the current surge in its price is primarily fueled by inflows into ETFs. Since the last halving in 2020...

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Bitcoin Plunge Sparks $165M in Leveraged Crypto Losses

Leveraged traders are currently facing losses exceeding $165 million due to a 5% drop in Bitcoin's price. This sudden decline occurred within a span of less than two hours, causing significant fina...

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Bitcoin Cash Pre-Halving Surge: Open Interest Tops $700M

Bitcoin Cash hasn't witnessed such heightened open interest levels since May 2021, when its price soared to nearly 2.5 times its current value.

As of now, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is trading at $...

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XRP's Price-to-Sales Ratio: Twice that of Nvidia

The price-to-sales ratio serves as a gauge for evaluating investment potential, where lower ratios indicate more appealing prospects.

Comparatively, the XRP token exhibits a price-to-sales ...

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Ethereum Milestone: 1 Million Validators Met, Community Raises Concerns

Although an increased number of validators could enhance security, members of the community express concerns that an excess could present issues.

The Ethereum network recently achieved a si...

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Despite Accusations, Analyst Deems KuCoin 'Fine' Amid Reserves Concerns

Despite facing legal action against its founders and experiencing a significant increase in withdrawals, CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young Ju asserts there's no need for excessive worry regarding KuCoin's s...

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