Istanbul Blockchain Week Presents: Shaping the Future of Blockchain 2023

Istanbul, 22 Aug 2023- Istanbul, a city with an exquisite blend of history, culture, and commerce, takes center stage as the host of Istanbul Blockchain Week. This annual extravaganza marks a vibrant celebration of Web3 innovation, drawing in visionaries, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and enthusiasts from across the globe. With its profound interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Istanbul is the perfect canvas for this transformative event. Anchored by the flagship event, Istanbul Blockchain Week shines a spotlight on the city's progressive stance in the realm of decentralized technologies.

A Tapestry of Culture, Trade, and Web3 Innovation

The seamless fusion of culture, commerce, and technology renders Istanbul an ideal setting for Istanbul Blockchain Week. As the city opens its arms to the future, Istanbul Blockchain Week emerges as a manifestation of its digital evolution. At the heart of this transformation lies Istanbul Blockchain, the pinnacle of Web3 innovation, encapsulating the spirit of Istanbul's embrace of the blockchain revolution.

Unveil the Future at #IBW23

#IBW23 beckons to trailblazers, creators, and pioneers to congregate and co-create the future of blockchain technology. Emerging as Turkey's largest blockchain conference, this event beckons a diverse community of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to explore the limitless horizons of decentralized ecosystems.

Two Days, Infinite Insights

Unfurling over two days of immersive engagement, IstanBlock promises a convergence of ideas, insights, and inspiration. With a global roster of speakers and businesses, hailing from all corners of the world, the event embarks on an exploration of the frontiers of DeFi, Trading, Regulation, Mining, Venture Capital, and beyond. The agenda unfurls through talks, panels, fireside chats, and invigorating debates, delving deep into the tapestry of the Web3 industry.

Elevate Your Experience

At IBW, you can anticipate:

Participation in the grandest blockchain conference in Turkey, fostering invaluable networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities.
Immersion in the wisdom of eminent government officials, business luminaries, and influential minds shaping the blockchain landscape.
Integration into the Turkish blockchain community, fostering bonds that pave the way for collaborations and mutual growth.
Engagement with preeminent media outlets and industry influencers, magnifying your influence in a landscape defined by rapid evolution.
Involvement in a week brimming with side events hosted by major projects, offering diverse perspectives and avenues for connection.
Access to exclusive networking opportunities designed to nurture innovative partnerships between projects and attendees.

Claim Your Stance in the Future

As the excitement crescendos, Istanbul Blockchain Week extends a cordial invitation to all Web3 aficionados, blockchain mavericks, and industry stakeholders to secure their slots in advance. Plunge into the core of Web3 innovation, forge connections with trailblazers, and catalyze the onward march of the blockchain revolution.

Participate in shaping the future at IstanBlock. For registration and comprehensive information, please visit

Speakers TBA

Venue: Hilton Bomonti Hotel
Istanbul Turkey