Become a CryptoTV Contributor and Share Your Insights with the Crypto Community! is inviting crypto enthusiasts, thought leaders, and journalists to join our platform and contribute their unique perspectives on the cryptoasset and blockchain industry. Whether you have a talent for writing compelling articles or creating engaging video content, provides you with an opportunity to showcase your expertise and monetize your work based on views and reads.

As a contributor, you will have the following responsibilities:
1. Producing Engaging Content: Support in delivering accurate and captivating coverage of the cryptoasset and blockchain space, ensuring high-quality content for our readers.
2. Research and Analysis: Conduct thorough research, fact-checking, and analysis to provide insightful and well-informed articles or videos.
3. Reporting at Crypto Events: Attend relevant crypto events and conferences, reporting on the latest developments and interviewing industry leaders to provide valuable insights to our audience.
4. Building Sources and Contacts: Establish connections within the cryptoasset industry, building relationships with companies and individuals to enhance your knowledge and enrich your content.

Successful candidates are likely to possess the following qualifications:
• Journalism Experience: Demonstrated experience in writing as a journalist, with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to accuracy.
• Interviewing and Source Interaction: Ability to interact with sources, conduct interviews, and gather information effectively.
• Social Media Savviness: Familiarity with social media platforms and ideally an active social media presence.
• SEO-Friendly Content Creation: Experience producing web content that is optimized for search engines while maintaining readability and engagement.
• Flexibility and Curiosity: Capable of managing multiple deadlines, pitching story ideas, and collaborating on innovative pieces. We value your passion for cryptoassets, decentralized technology, and finance.
• Fact-Checking and Accuracy: A dedication to fact-checking and ensuring the accuracy of information presented in your work.

How to Apply:
If you are interested in joining our team as a freelance or full-time contributor, please send an email to Include your CV, three examples of your previous work, a brief cover letter explaining your motivation to write for, and don't forget to share your favorite meme with us!

Guest Contributor Guidelines: welcomes guest contributions on a wide range of topics that we believe our audience will find valuable. To increase the chances of having your submission published, please consider the following guidelines:

1. Exciting and Engaging Content: Ensure your content is captivating and generates interest among our readers. We value passion and enthusiasm for your chosen topic.
2. Diverse Readership: Our audience comprises crypto experts, enthusiasts, and novices. Try to strike a balance in your topic and writing style that appeals to this diverse range of readers.
3. Unconventional Perspectives: We encourage articles that offer unconventional angles on popular topics, as long as they are well-researched and supported by data whenever possible.
4. No Self-Promotion or Backlinking: While we credit authors and provide links to their projects, we do not allow self-promotion or backlinking within the content.
Join as a contributor and share your valuable insights with the crypto community. Let your voice be heard and contribute to the growth and understanding of this exciting industry!